Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Monday, March 19, 2007

Nausea and more nausea

Nausea has set in with Scott. Mostly related to his Bactrim and 6mp medicines. He literally gets sick almost from just seeing them right now. He lost it last night when taking Bactrim after dinner. There went dinner. He's been a bit quesy since getting home Saturday, and has been very emotional about the whole situation. So many things running through his mind keep him on edge at all times it seems.

He literally just broke down Saturday night after taking his 6mp - which is not to be taken with anything that is "citrus". The poor kids had gulped down his 3 pills and washed them down with Sunny D, which he emptied. He went to the frig to get another and came back with a worried look. He told me "David, I'm not supposed to take those pills with anything citrus!" - and showing the the Sunny D label that says "citrus flavor". I guess I had a total look of uncertainty on my face, as he instantly just started sobbing. Scared sobbing. I supposed he was thinking "oh no, I'm gonna have to go back to the hospital." I had to take him into Stephanie, while I went and rechecked the drug paperwork and Sunny D labels. It was nothing to worry about in the end, but is just an example of the details and types or worries a little 10-year-old should not have to be concerned with.

He also got sick this morning the instant he swallowed his Bactrim. Stephanie contacted the nurses, and they've got him a prescription for Zofran ODT, which is an anti-nausea script which dissolves instantly on the tongue. We'll have to figure out the timing for him taking it. Hopefully it works, as he's just a nervous wreck right now. He has way too much to worry about, and it is hard to really know the things going through his head.

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lornaeve said...

shame, poor Scotty, i hope the anti-nausea drug works, not nice being sick. when he's over all this i will teach him how to scuba dive and then he can have a go at sea-sickness -- and feeding the fish! hope the caps arrived. love from lorna xxx