Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Night 8

Still only down to a 0.20 reading. And a very nervous Skittles leading up to his leg shots today. He was very worked up when it came time for that (not that I can blame him). Those shots are no fun. Just think a about a 2 1/2-inch long needle directly into the tops of both your thighs at the same time.

It's a nightmare. He hates it. We hate it. The nurses even hate it, and regularly argue about who has to be the two to do it to any kid that is due.

Although very distressed, scared and unhappy at the time of the shots, he calmed down in a reasonable short period of time. Soon as he can stand and put weight on his legs, he gets a bit better.

The he had to have his port "de-accessed", as they can only leave one needle in for 1 week. So he had an hour without being hooked up this afternoon, then was "re-accessed" with a new kit. This wasn't much fun either, as his skin was tender from the removal of the Tigaderm which covers his port while accessed. Also a bandage wasn't put over the site as normally done. They simply reapplied numbing cream to reaccess him an hour later. This caused the normal small amount of blood to seep out under the Glad Press-n-Seal which they cover numbing cream with. That made Scott a bit woozy and nervous.

He's showing the effects of being stuck in the hospital for a week. Hips hurt. Back hurts. Neck hurts. Nothing feels right at this moment.

At least all but one of his mouth sores are gone today, and he woofed down a lot of pizza and cinnamon bread at dinner. And Benji had a return visit today. I don't think I ever mentioned that in the photo at the top of the page, Scott is with Benji during his first ever official visit to a patient. This makes 3 times Scott has had a visit from Benji. Stephanie came in and told him Benji was on the floor and Scott said "Good, Benji always cheers me up".

Gotta get him home tomorrow.

And it appeared their were a couple of new admissions to the ward there today. It has become a bit too easy to tell by the parents body language (basically a zombie look) and the demeanor of the nurses around them. Just too many kids. Scott's diagnosis and treatment is a nightmare. I told Stephanie this evening there is just something that deeply disturbs me to see the continual flow of "new" kids. It's heartbreaking to see them, but also throws your brain back 7 weeks to when we were in their shoes.

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Sandie said...

There is really nothing to say that sounds right. Hang in there. Lots of love to you all.