Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Friday, March 30, 2007

The Big Yellow Bag

The big yellow bag of methotrexate is slowing getting smaller. He's just about halfway thru this infusion now.

He started his next round of 6mp last night as well, I don't believe I mentioned that. He had to have it crushed, as he's gotten to where no pill will make it down normally. He's just got a big mental block about swallowing them right now, and will set off his gag reflex instantly.

We still wonder about the effect of slightly decreasing the amount of methotrexate he's receiving on this round. Will it be less effective than necessary? Is it the best thing to do to prevent long-range damage to the liver or kidneys? So many questions run through your mind and uncertainty is a factor at every turn. If one word had to sum up this experience and how things play out, uncertainty would be a good one.

Stephanie just said he is doing fine right now, and just finished his third dog visit since checking in yesterday. This one a red retriever name Lavie (I think that is correct). Good timing again, as this time of the cycle is usually when he starts getting down and feeling bad. We're just thankful St. Joseph's allows the Pet Therapy to be conducted. Some hospitals simply do not allow this process. We think it of huge value to Scott while he is inpatient.

He's hijacked the Xbox360 and taken it to the hospital. So he's playing that most of the day when he's awake and feels okay. Of course, the effect that has on Derry's home time is a different story. Derry is handling this rather well, even with him getting shorted on attention and free time. He even brought Scott back a little bear from his Space Center field trip yesterday.

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