Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Rough Stuff

The day after high dose Methotrexate proves bad again. Very flushed today. His meth level in the blood got down to 4 today, from a level of about 140 just after the dosage finished. Hopefully it clears quicker this time.

Scott had a bad back spasm or pain this afternoon. He got up to wee in his jug. When he bent over to grab his jug, his back up around his shoulders had a pain. When he tried to stand up straight, it got greatly worse, and he just bent down on his knees and laid down in the floor crying. Quite a scary thing. It took a couple of nurses several minutes to get him back up and in bed. Then about 45 minutes to get him calmed down. A dose of morphine helped that process.

Its horrible to have your kid go through such. It is just one thing after another. Now they've taken blood to determine if his liver is enlarged and caused the pain - luckily those tests just came back negative.

There are so many different aspects to dealing with Scott's nightmare. Uncertainty seems the only thing that is certain on any given day.

At the moment he's calmed down. Hopefully he can stay settled when his morphine wears off. He's plunking around on the web now. One of the TECO guys got me a laptop not being used that they let me take and get a wifi card hooked up on. The whole hospital is a hot zone, so he can surf around anywhere he may be. Little things like that occupy his mind and relax him greatly. Lucky to work for a client like the TECO people. They are some great folks.
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