Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Clinic day

Things went okay at the clinic today. We were a bit worried about how things may play out, as Scott was quiet and seemed on edge while we were driving and while they accessed his port. Since he is getting the Elspar shots in his legs, they access him right away in case of allergic reaction.

Blood work came back and the shots were okayed. Stephanie said he didn't cry a bit today, and did very well with them. Then just had to wait the mandatory 2 hour period in case of reaction.

Derry actually spent the morning there with them, as it is spring break in school. Stephanie said that eased Scott a bit. Probably because it wasn't just grown-ups all around him.

All went well until just a couple of hours ago. Scott got sick while we were waiting for Stephanie to come out of the mall. So the van got a good dose of Cheeto-colored sick. I was driving home with the windows cracked, and thought Derry was going to do the same, as he looked green and was holding his nose. Scott settled down right afterward. We believe he ate a little too soon after his 6mp pills this evening. You have to appreciate how the poor kid handles these episodes. He's barfing like crazy, Stephanie is walking across the parking lot. When she gets over beside him and the nice orange puddle, he simply says "hi mom".

So now we hope to have a good weekend and get him rested up for his next hospital stay which starts next Thursday. That visit starts with a bone marrow aspiration, spinal tap, intrathecal chemo and then the awful high-dose methotrexate. We've quickly come to hate those big bags of yellow stuff. 3 down, 17 to go on the dreaded legs shots.

AND we have a fresh box of cookies - addressed to a "Skittles" and a "Prince Harry". But Stephanie and I are enjoying them as well.

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