Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Some of the worst photography you'll ever come across...

Derrys good friend DJ (red/white sox)..
I need to figure out how to post video, got some great film of DJ's mom, another Stephanie, who was sitting next to me, she'd of made a great football (soccer) hooligan. lol.

Derrys other great friend (sadly on opposing team, boo, hiss), caught hooking, Bryan..
("2 minutes in box, feel shame!")

Like I said bloody awful pictures, sorry.


Anissa Mayhew said...

Hey, all!!

Loving the hockey pics, both professional AND Patterson-professional. It's awesome to see Scott back on blades, what that means for him getting back to a normal activity.

I've been thinking about you all lots, we were talking about you this weekend at Flight camp, were your ears burning??

I hope we can get together soon, grab a meal, a coffee, a tic tac?


Kristy said...

I'm glad to see both boys doing so well! Maybe Jerry, Carrie & I will have to come down for a hockey game and to see everyone at some point :)

christine said...

Back to the blog after such a long absense - but what an enormous change in just 3 weeks. From worrying what the next news would bring to enjoying reading about such brilliant progress and seeing the wonderful pictures of boys just being boys. To see Scott on his blades makes your heart skip a beat and the tears well up.
Derry - I hope you get masses of fun from the hockey - you deserve a good action packed release mechanism. But not too many bruises please!!
lots of love and hugs

Carolyn said...

Derry is the BOMB!! YAY!

Grandmama said...

Way to go Derry.
So happy that both you boys had such a good week.
Hope David had a good day today playing golf for that be BEAUTIFUL
little girl.
Love To All of You
Grandmama & Papa [Mom & Dad