Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Golfing like the Energizer Bunny

Well, the Dream Fund Golf Marathon was a success. The people handling the tournamet for the Dream Fund and Emerald Greens (the club we played at) did a great job taking care of the group of slightly insane folks that agreed to participate. They had everything covered - food, drinks, balls and ..... air conditioning for the carts. That really helped out as the temp had pushed up to about 92 by afternoon. All you Brits can ask Christine about temps in the 90's with our humidity here. It's lovely weather. For lizards.

I managed to squeeze in 108 holes. Looping the course 6 times. My fundraising total now stands about ~$2,960. The entire group of folks raised over $72,000 for the kids yesterday. That is a large sum, considering there were less than 20 guys (and 1 girl) golfing. Great evidence of a lot of big hearts our there.

I can only think what could be accomplished with a greater number of events and a greater number of people.

I'll also forewarn everyone - both Brandon and I have committed to the event next year as well. We both found it a great experience. Being a golfer, it is something quite "different" as a golf experience, and something I'd never done before. I've spent many days on the course from sunrise to sunset, but not playing at that type of pace. And especially not playing for such a reason, which provides a secret level of energy you sometimes don't realize you have inside.

We also got a couple of nice perks in a new, swank golf shirt and and getting to pick a new pair of golf shoes from the catalog.

Now, off to take a few Advil.


Carolyn said...

I am very proud of you and glad the day was a great success! Thinking of you everyday!


Dawn said...

Well done David. In the words I used to Derry - Fanbloodytastic!! What a great thing for everyone to be involved in.

Thinking of you all.

Love, Dawn.

christine said...

I echo Dawn - well done to all involved to raise so much for all the kids. It's a different, satisfying, kind of tiredness - when you can look back and see what you achieved and that you enjoyed doing it.
Hope next years funds start coming in soon.
lots of love