Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Sunday, October 28, 2007

"shiny happy people"

Today was good! No better than good, much better. It rocked! There were even minutes when I wasnt stricken with panic that "Scott has cancer"! I could look at him and see hope not fear. For the very first time in 9 months he laughed and smiled and goofed around, he didnt complain of any pains or aches, he seemed like the old Scott, like a normal, everyday, 11 year old spaz.
A new SUPER target just opened close by so we went to have a bit of a nosey around. David and the boys stood and drooled at the plasma TV's for a very long time and I went to check out their bread which looked much like the bread in Walmart so I wasnt very impressed. Then we walked around for a bit having a giggle at all the stupid stuff that shops sell and people with more money than sense just 'gotta have', like knives with snowmen for handles! For some reason that just cracked me up.

Later we went to Cheddars for our tea. Scott was brilliant, he ate and laughed and ate some more, he even had a drink of Dr Pepper (the only fizzy drink he can tolerate) and had pudding - a great big feast of cookies and icecream and cream and chocolate sauce! Usually the most he can manage is half a dozen chips (fries) then starts going a bit green so we leave. But not today!

Even Derry, our sultry teenager (and whose voice has started going all weird), is happy. The Xbox360 has been healed of the death rings and is home again. Yay for Bill Gates!

We have a busy week ahead, lots of good stuff to look forward to so here's hoping for more happy, feeling good days.


christine said...

Hip hip horay. Good to here you sounding happier Stephanie. Life WILL be like normal again.

Don't get the 'stop the violins' bit though.

love and hugs

Sandie said...

A great day to have a great day. Wonderful to see you so shiny and happy. : )

Lots of love to you