Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Friday, October 5, 2007

"Let's play hockey!"

Its midnight and my sleeping pills havent kicked in yet so I thought Id write a wee post and show you all a few pictures.

We all had a wonderful night last night at the hockey game. And spookily enough the Lightning won!! This completely screwed our 'Lightning NEVER win when we're there' jinx which gobsmacked the boys no end! The score was 3-1 and Derrys hero Vinnie LeCavalier scored two of the goals, Derry just couldnt stop grinning. Scott was delighted too and said that this had been the best day he'd had in a very long time. Sadly the lovely Ruslan was headhunted by the Chippendales and is no longer with the team so I was on a bit of a downer but och well, the other teams goalie was kind of cute too. As you can see from the photos we got to the arena WAY early, the boys were desperate for front row suite seats, and it paid off. We were there even before the zamboni driver! Thank you to Brad Richards, Kasey Dowd and the Childrens Cancer Centre for such a fun night and wonderful hospitality.
Like David said on Thursday Scott is now off the Lovenox (blood thinners). When he had the stroke blood was drawn and tested to see if Scott had a genetic predisposition to clots, this could well have been possible since I had had a blood clot in my lungs and my grandad also had a stroke. Anyway, these tests all came back normal and the doctors agree that the clot was caused by the chemo leg shots he had been recieving. Since these shots are now completed and his last MRI was clear the doctors have said there is now no need to continue with the Lovenox. Scott is obviously so pleased. Me too, I had been feeling rotten at the thought of passing on some of my screwy genes and Scott having to face a lifetime of blood thinning medicines. But nope it was the chemo, (probably made from daisies and kitten kisses or something disguised to look pure and innocent, when in fact its a stroke inducing bitch flower from hell!). Anyway, no more Lovenox. Yippeeee.
Today Scott celebrated the end of runny blood by buying a very cool pair of rollerblades, pads, a new stick, puck and goalie net. Tomorrow he's hoping to get up early and do what he does best and BE A KID AGAIN :). I'll post photos of the scabs and bruises tomorrow evening.
Derry had his second practice today, his first game is Sunday and he's a nervous wreck. He's doing very well though and Im so proud.
My pills are really starting to work now so I'll add a few photos and then Im done. Goodnight and thanks for checking in.

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Sandie said...

Derry looks lovely! I'm sure that's not the word a young hockey player wants to be called. But he does.

Sorry about the Russian (with his own hair)what a bummer. :)

I'm glad it was such a great night.

Lots of love to you