Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Sunday, October 7, 2007

7-7 draw

Just a quick update on Derry's hockey debut. The teams played to a 7-7 draw. However, in his first "real" hockey game ever - DERRY NETTED A GOAL!!!!!

I was keeping the stat sheet for the coach and and got a bit of a shock when he shot and scored. Stephanie will update with pics later.


Dawn said...

Brilliant! - What a weekend. Just checked in to see how you are and its all been happpening.

Fantastic to see the photos of Scotty skating. He looks so well I think you should put one of those at the top of his blog. And on the front of your fridge door! Quite inspiring.

Of course it should be joined by one of Derry scoring that goal. WOW! WOW! WOW! Well done mate - fanbloodytastic! (That's English for "Good job"!!) Keep going and you've just got to be a first team choice each week.

Really great news all round.

Just one bad note Steph - Scotland have just been knocked out of the Rugby World Cup quarter finals 19 - 16 by Argentina while I'm writing this. Oh well, England have got through to the semis - they beat Australia 12 - 10 yesterday. Johnny Wilkinson repeating his heroics of the final 4 years ago! Do you even get any Rugby coverage over there? - Are you even interested?!!

Anyway enough of me rabbiting on! Hope to be reading more good things about you all soon.

Everyone sends their love,

Dawn said...

David - forgot to say Good Luck with the golf day tomorrow. Hope you manage to enjoy it.