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Scott & Sunny

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

October 17

Well, today is October 17 (or it will be in an hour). A date with two very significant ties.

As I write I recall this day 3 years ago. Stephanie, Derry, Scott and I were bunked down next to Gatwick, awaiting our flight back to Tampa. The end of the "Deportation Debacle" had come. Just the day before a courier had delivered their passports to the Denewood in Sandown with nice new visas in them. All the struggle would be over. Little did we know what the next 3 years would deliver.

I can't put into words just how nervous I was flying over to London just a few short days prior. Horrified something else would go wrong, and no visas would be issued. That short visit across the pond was a blur. Get to London. Walk the streets of London soaking wet. Doctor visit, photos....the US Embassy (ugg). The 16th came and was the day we had to leave the island. I'll never forget us on the WightLink ferry looking back to Ryde Pier. Stephanie's mum (Christine), Aunty Mo' and Nana all there on the Pier waving. Then the folks that were a true savior during that debacle, whom I can never repay, drifted out of sight. I want so badly to return to that ferry, to that pier and see those 3 remarkable folks and such a wonderful island. It's a short train ride from the bustle of London, but seems a world away. We planned to be back for a visit this past summer, but, we all know those plans had to be changed.

But it all worked out that trip, and on the 17th we flew back to Tampa. All four of us. Through passport control and customs fine. Finally together in our new home. It is obvious I would change one thing that has happened since if I could. But that isn't possible. We've taken on our fair share of struggles, that is for sure. But we keep pushing on.

Since that day, I've truly had "my" family. Yes, I have a wonderful set of parents and siblings, but you all know what I mean. Stephanie. The boys and me. The core of what one is to do in life. I love them with all my heart. It aches when there is a struggle. There is no better feeling than to see smiles on them when good things happen.

I don't know how it happened, as the timing of the visa letter was far beyond our control. However it all resulted in October 17 being the date we got back.

The day also makes me think back 6 years ago. The worst day of my work life. It was the day my close friend and coworker, J.R., died on the job. I won't get into the details, but he died from a fall. I have the nightmarish memory of being in the room when his wife was told, as I picked her up at their house and got her to the hospital. I'd left work and talked to him less than an hour before it happened. And just that quick, he was gone.

J.R. had a wife and two teenage kids. He left for work one morning, like most all of us do, but this day he didn't come home.

It was heartbreaking on that day. But until that exact date 3 years later, I didn't truly realize how heartbreaking it was for his wife and kids. At the time I'd never had a wife or kids. When we got to our house here, I remember admiring the entry stamp on Stephanie's visa. It was then that I realized the date on the stamp.

It was then I realized what the true effect on J.R.'s wife and children must have been that day. I think we all just collapsed in a heap that night.

Take some time today, and each day, to appreciate what you do have.


Grandmama said...

Son I do take time each day to think about how lucky we are to have a family like we have . As I said Sunday we are so lucky to have such a wonderful crowd of kids, grandkids, great grand child,And wonderful Son- In Law, And Daughters- In- Laws.
We just pray each and every day that Scott will continue to get better.
It breaks my heart every time I think of what you all are going through. It seems so unfair for a child to go through all this pain.
Love To All

Laura said...

Great advice, I will definitely take some time today to reflect on my own family and what is really important. Though I wish it were under a different circumstance, I am so grateful to a part of your family's life.
Please tell Scott we're thinking of him. Sending Smiles, Angel Laura

Sandie said...

Fine advice, you old softy, you.

I'm looking forward to a big win for Derry and more pictures of Scott on wheels.

Lots of love to you all

christine said...

I too remember the day we three waved you all goodbye from Ryde pier, and then had a long cry - not knowing when I'd see my daughter and grandchildren again.

It was an unexpected visit when the US immigration turned you away and you landed on our doorstep, but it drew us all closer - and it was really good for the boys to get to know there grand nana (my mum) and auntie Mo who they had hardly known before as they lived so far away from us. And I'm just so pleased David, that they have someone there who really loves them, who looks out for them, and who will support them through the very worst of times.

And as it's now Thursday in UK I'm hoping that Scotts clinic visit today goes well.

Love to all of you

Mary Lynn said...


I am so glad to have found Scott's site. I am also glad to get to see you & your mom on Thursdays. Scott, keep getting stronger and whipping cancer's butt!! I know you can do it. See you next Thursday at clinic.


Mary Lynn & Sierra