Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Anniversary to Us!

3 years ago today I learned the American tradition of slapping your lovely new bride in the face with a hunk of cake!!

I have almost forgiven him but at least I got him back with an even bigger slab of cake! :)

I guess cake is better than what mother nature has been throwing at us lately!
Happy Anniversary sunshine! I love you. (ugghhh how I hate the sappy stuff!)


Sandie said...

Happy Anniversary! The pictures are lovely. You two exemplify what marriage is about - standing there side by side through it all, no matter what.
To better days for you all!

Lots of love always

Laura said...

Happy Anniversary! I got a good chuckle looking at those pictures and it made me smile to think about what that day must have been like. Wishing you both many more years of moments like those.

Tell Scott I'm thinking about him and that I'm so glad to read he is having fun and doing well. We sent a package for him today so hopefully it will come soon.

Carlos turned 2 yesterday and it was his first Birthday home with us (he's been home 6 months now.) We weren't sure if he had presents and cake in Guatemala, but he seemed to pick all that stuff up pretty quickly yesterday. Tearing into presents to find toys came quite naturally and he wasn't at all shy about taking a handful of his Birthday cake while we were singing Happy Birthday to him. :) Today he's been walking around saying "Birthday" so I think he'd like to do it all over again. :) I'll send some pictures from his Birthday in a letter soon so you can see the grin on his face.

Wishing you all a wonderful day! Angel Laura

Dawn said...

Hey - Happy Anniversary! Hope you both have a great day with the boys and that Scott feels well enough to celebrate with you.

That's three days good news in a row. Any more?!!

Much love, Dawn.

Grandmama said...

Happy Anniversary
I think that was probably one of the happiest days in David's life .
And we are so happy to have Stephanie and the boys as part of our family.
We just had our 50 th. Anniversary
And hope you all have many - many more.
We are so glad that Scott is having some better days. I know it makes for some smile for all of you.
Love To All
Grandmama & Papa
[ Mom & Dad

Staci said...

Just a little note to say Happy Anniversary... wishing you many more years of happiness!

Hugs from Maine.

Hello Scott!

nina said...

Happy Anniversary you too!

Here's to walking thru life matter what.
It is a beautiful thing.

Take care of each other.

christine said...

Happy Happy anniversary - I do miss you all but how good to know that you have each other. And it's strange that my daughter is celebrating 3 years while I'm only celebrating 1 year - something odd there!!!!

Hope you'll have many happy years to come and that although you've had terrible times this year you will have grown stronger through it.

And you looked lovely Stephanie in your wedding dress.


Dawn said...

Just wanted to add a quick note to say Congratulations (and well done!!) to David's Mom and Dad on their Golden Wedding. 50 years and a great granchild in the same year is pretty good going. At least I think that's right from what David wrote earlier in the year. Families can get quite complicated - ours even more so. My mum has ended up with one great granchild (Derry) one year older than her youngest granchild (my son Harry)!

Anyway Congratulations again.

Dawn. (Stephanie's Mum's youngest sister)