Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Bears, hairs and getting a whooping from the opposing teams hockeys players.

The least said about todays hockey game the better. So instead I'll just post the photo of the coach offering round cyanide capsules and maybe you'll get the idea...

So anyway, Derry's been in a foul mood and been bickering with Scott all day long. They even managed to argue about the ownership of a rubber band! So I took another happy pill, read a little Bill Cosby and found this on youtube for Stephanie Krupa, one of my dearest friends, and it is true, laughter is the best medicine. I was going to post the one about 'Oasis' but I know my Nana reads this blog so I changed my mind. Also this clip reminds me so much of David and Derry and their weekly grass cutting 'discussions'.

I would like to say thank you to my friend Sandie in New York for her humour, generosity and kindness. There is no way I could describe the daft history surrounding this but yesterday when I went for a little pampering at Toni & Guy I discovered that she had paid for it all, paid the tip and also had a goodie bag waiting for me at reception!!!! All the receptionist knew was that the benefactor spoke with a NY accent. It could only have been Sandie, its a girl thing, a hair thing, a gay Brazilian thing, something she knew I needed and wanted to be the one to give it to me. Its been three years since I have seen Sandie, but someday soon, when Scott is better, Sandie knows a great dump where the bears feed up in NY state somewhere. We'll play chicken and see who can sneak up the closest and one of my dreams will come true. Thank you Sandie.

Speaking of the bear, here is the trailer to my (and David's too I believe) favourite documentary. If you ever dont know what to rent next time you are in Blockbuster, choose Grizzly Man. There is nothing that I could write here to do this documentary justice, it is beautiful and sad and I am so envious of Timothy. He truly lived.

Anyway I know y'all come here to check on little Scott and not me chuntering on about everything but, so here he is, being a spaz with his friends, Evan and Sam. As you can see he has a little bit of fuzz starting to poke through and hopefully soon he'll also lose the 'Casper' look too. Ive even got him wearing his old glasses now, much nicer. I hope so much to see Scott look like Scott again, its starting to happen and I just cant wait.


Sandie said...

I do NOT have an accent. : )

I'll bring the marshmallows!

Lots of love to you

Dawn said...

Sorry Derry had a bad day. But maybe he'll think it wasn't so bad 'cos Mum had a good day being pampered and Scott enjoyed seeing his friends. On the other hand maybe he won't even give that a thought!!!!!!.....Some hope!

Lorna said...

good to see you more upbeat, good to see the fuzz on scotts head. a rubber band...??? im back in sa ! - hope to chat soon. xx