Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Clinic day, and thankfully his counts came back up, good enough for chemo. Another week of low counts and I'd be hunting down the nearest crack dealer! Like I've said before, I dont do worry well.
However his biliruben was elevated so it meant they could only give a half dose of vincristine. Biliruben is a liver enzyme I think and the fact it is elevated means his liver is kind of pissed at all the chemo. Or something like that. Dr Rossbach didnt seem concerned and I had him check over all his different counts and look me in the eye and tell me all was well. Which he did. I'll still worry though. He said it wasn't anything desperately unusual, just got to keep an eye on it. My friend Mary Lynn and her little girl Sierra were at clinic too and Mary Lynn told me that Sierra had had the same thing a while back and not to stress out about it. But she did and I will. Its par for the course. Its a heartache and a struggle to deal with the leukemia but every now and then something else is thrown at you. I used to have this goal, the promised land of 'maintenance', but then you get there, your sanity in shreds, only to discover that the body is so torn apart it may as well be the Bierut of induction.
Well thats all for now, Im getting depressing again, so I'll STOP!
Love to you all.

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Lorna said...

hey steph...glad to hear the counts are up - but theres always something new to worry about huh? lots of love to you and the boys - im happy to be back in jozi and moving at the weekend so should be able to call you then. and hope to be seeing you in the next few months. lol, little sis xxx