Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Monday, July 2, 2007

Duke Nukem 3

Scott and I rode over for the third radiation treatment this morning. Somewhat uneventful (thankfully). Scott handled the rad treatment with ease, and gave the usual "thumbs-up" on camera when the machine went to move from the right side to left. He's already very fatigued, yet still starving thanks to the steroids. He's not very talkative at the moment, but he is now off with Stephanie and her mum at the mall. He did tell me he kept having dreams last night that Stephanie or myself were waking him up to give him medicine. Poor kid.

Also have to take a second to give a large THANKS out to a couple named Sherry and Dirk Tucker. They are a very devout couple that started a local foundation called Giving Hope Through Faith. Sadly they started this foundation after their son Zachary lost his battle with cancer last year. Zach was just 9. We have those nightmares. The Tucker's have the uneviable experience of that reality. The purpose of their foundation is to help families take care of the everyday needs that still are present, and most times increase, when cancer enters your world. It is simple, once a month they send out packages to children's families that have cancer. This month was the first month we received such, and boy do the Tucker's know what folks really need in these times. Simple gift cards for Target, Publix and the movies. Our sincere appreciation to this wonderful family.

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