Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Monday, July 9, 2007

Derry's Birthday - UPDATED

Yup. Today Derry is 13. A Teen!!!! Watch the video in Stephanie's post below. It is what happened to him just after midnight.

Poor kid. He has a knack for bad things on his birthday. 3 years ago, he was stuck on a train for 15 hours - after being deported.

Then today came. Scott was scheduled for a simple radiation visit. Run to clinic, be in there a few minutes and back home.

Did'nt happen.

He had a spot on his bum. Small red area. We saw it last night and decided to have one of his docs look at it this morning.

He has shingles. Same virus as chickenpox. But it is not spreading.

So he's been checked in to room 236, and is isolated. He's okay and in good spirits, although he doesn't want to be here. After a bit of pizza and Monday Night Raw, he's starting to settle down. Hopefully for an uneventful night here at the hospital.

And on top of that, Stephanie wakes up with pink-eye. She's been to clinic here at hospital, and has now been told to get home for 24 hours to treat her eye with drops. She's hearbroken that she can't be here with Scott, but she understands the risk that would cause to not only Scott, but the other kids up here in the ward. It's a part of this experience we hoped we'd never face - one of us HAVING to be away from Scott while in the hospital. Likely a mother's worst nightmare.

The way things happen makes one wonder. I made it back to work for about 4 hours, then got the shingle news. Got Stephanie to go down to the clinic here shortly afterward and got her news. Why not a week ago? Strange. One can't pin down when something with this disease is going to reach up and grab you. It is a minor bump in the road, but makes you realize every little thing effecting Scott has to be dealt with at the highest level of concern.

Stephanie's mum has rebooked her flight for Saturday, so she gets an extra 4 days across the pond. A blessing for us to help deal with this unforeseen issue.

I'll update here again in the morning after the doctor stops by.

We had Derry's "envelope session" here in the room this evening. He loaded up pretty well, and is planning on how to do his spending. Tons of thanks to everyone for taking care of our Derry. He's been brilliant through this ordeal, just taking things in stride. Boy will he have some stories about interesting birthdays in the future for his kids.

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