Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Friday, July 27, 2007

This week

Not been updating this week. It's been very busy and hectic. I had jury duty on Monday and promptly got selected for a case, which just ended last night. Thankfully the judge and all parties involved worked around Scott's clinic visit yesterday. Not all legal folks are heartless it seems.

On the clinic visit - Scott had good counts and needed no infusions. However, he's been excessively tired this week but suffering from insomnia. Dead tired and can't sleep. He had horrible leg and back pain and was very simply miserable this week. He seemed a bit better last night and Stephanie and the boys may attempt a trip to the movies this afternoon with one of the neighbors. He's been scaled back to one pill per day with the drug he was taking due to shingles. However, when that bottle is done he'll switch to taking one Valtrex (yes, the drug with the disgusting commercials about herpes on tv) daily for the remainder of treatment. Doc Rossbach wants to due that as a preemptive measure against another bout of shingles. We thought Scott would be bummed further to have a daily pill added to his regimen forever, but he just said "just one a day? That's okay."

I guess everything is truly "relative" to him at this point.

Overall, things have been busy on all fronts here. Our company business in town is thriving (a good thing) which also causes heavy demands on all of us here locally. Thankfully we've gotten Brandon to return to work for us this coming Monday at a new property, and we're getting yet another of our Atlanta folks, Sarah, down here as his manager. Both will be great additions locally.

Derry continues with his skating class, but missed it last night due to a sore ankle that isn't working correctly. Likely a doctor's visit coming up for him soon. Hope it's just a sprain or aggravated joint from all the work he's been doing in class.

Hopefully a couple of not-so-eventful days this weekend. Since Stephanies mum got here, it seems everything has just been a blur. I think it has been about a month now that she got over, and everything since has been non-stop.

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