Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


That's the sound I heard last night while out by the pool. Seems Stephanie's mum walked smack dab into the sliding door - and it was closed. I guess they are too clean to see! She took a nice wallop to the bridge of her nose (Don't worry Eric, she's fine - but I would be worried about the 3 hours her and Stephanie spent at the mall yesterday). She's faired well and doesn't even have black eyes today.

She came along with Scott and I for today's rad treatment. 4 of them done now. Scott is seeming quite tired most of the day. We did get out this afternoon to the movies (thanks to the Tucker's foundation) and saw "Evan Almighty". Afterwards we were required by Steroid Boy to visit the Carvel shop right next door. He had it all planned, pulling me aside right as we got out of our seats.

Back home and everyone except Scott and I took off for a brief shopping trip again. Scott and I just sat around here like couch potatoes and listened to the nice thunderstorm and monsoon-like rain wave that came through. A nice calm evening except for the loads of fireworks being shot of by everyone. Tomorrow night should be light a warzone of sorts.

Folks from all around are responding to my Golf Marathon request, and in very generous ways. Again, it is very much appreciated.

A happy and safe 4th of July to everyone.

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