Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Monday, July 30, 2007

The Lego arrived!!

Thank you very much to the Childhood Leukemia Foundation for granting Scotts wish, he is so chuffed. The CLF fund a gift of around $500 for each child diagnosed with leukemia in the USA and Scott picked various items from the Lego City range. Scott really was ecstatic when the postie arrived with his huge box of Lego, its timing couldnt have been better. Scott was starting to feel better after several weeks of being pretty darn sick and this gift really did make him forget all about the bad stuff and concentrate on the kind of things kids should be worrying about, such as cats sitting on helicopters and dads not building fast enough, that kind of thing.


christine said...

Smashing - wish it had come when I was there as I love building with lego!! Thanks to the foundation who gifted it - there are some goodies in this world. Glad to here Scott's feeling a little better than last week or two. And isn't Derry beautiful!
Love and hugs as always

Carolyn said...

It was good to see ya'll yesterday! April and I got to see the Lego extravaganza first hand! WOW! Scott looks good and still has quite a sense of humor; I could not remember exactly how to get to their house and when I called Scott answered. I asked him if he could tell me how to get to his house....he said "where are you"?! Duh. A starting point would be helpful!

It was great to see everyone, even for such a short visit. And yes, Derry is beautiful as well as Stephanie and Scott. David, hmmm, not so sure beautiful is the word I would use, but an absolute wonderful man.....I think the word "lovely" has been used in the past by a certain someone.


Sandie said...

Dad not building fast enough? Not a brickmaster as yet, eh?

Perhaps you should leave it to the women and children. : ) I know that's what works best here.

Lego to the rescue. I'm glad that there are good ones out there and even happier to know that it brought smiles.

Lots of love to you all!

David said...

I must say I am a master Lego builder! But when 5 huge sets show up at once, I get too much pressure for it all to be built quickly.

And I did have to rebuild a tiny ambulance attempted 3 times by others!