Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Friday, July 6, 2007

"His head has changed a bit"

That's the comment from the radiation team this morning. Nothing to worry about, and actualy just the "fat face" effect from the steroids. A couple of quick x-rays confirmed that Scott's skull was positioned correctly. 6 of 9 radiation visits are completed now. Scott has done wonderfully with the procedures. He's so set on the "don't move" instructions that the only sign you get from him on the cameras during the process is a thumbs-up when one of the techs tells him what's going on. He's a trooper with all that is going on.

Haven't done too much this week. Stephanie's mum, Scott and I went over to the mall for the fireworks on the 4th. Stephanie and Derry stayed at the house. Stephanie's a bit under the weather, and Derry just says "the mall is boring". He'll be 13 on Monday, so I guess he's already working on full-blown teen mode.

I did get out and get a round of golf in late yesterday afternoon. A nice "sweat box" golf round as I like to call them. Playing golf is something that can't really be planned these days, so one take's the last-minute opportunities that arise. Plus it is dirt cheap this time of year in the afternoon. Most folks have become too soft to deal with the heat and be soaking wet for 3 hours in the sun. It actually feels good to be honest.

We have a doctor's appointment for Stephanie today. She has a sore throat, and I told her she'd better call, as we're to take no chances with getting really sick. Scott says he's going and going in the room with a video camera, just on the chance that she may get a shot. If she does, he says he's filming it. Repayment for some hospital pictures she took I believe.

Scott's legs are much better today, winding down the leg/foot/jaw pain effects of vincristine. That's a good thing, as we have a full afternoon planned tomorrow. I can't mention what on here, as it is a surprise that only Stephanie and I know about. It should be a good day. Scott's counts were as high as they've been since January, with an ANC at a whooping 2800+. It's the best situation we've have to attempt a full day away for some fun. We're crossing our fingers.

He was also visited by a dream coordinator for the Children's Dream Fund. We're supposed to work on picking a week to go to Give Kids The World and get back with them sometime next week. Scott also got "Kemo" Bear. A teddy bear with a hospital gown, a port and hair that comes out. LOL. It's a great bear. We're likely shooting for sometime in mid to late October for our visit.

And a great big, massively huge THANK YOU to Lisa and Alex. A package showed up yesterday with a "cool" Webkinz polar bear. Scott has promptly named the bear "Andy Pipkin". It's a long story, but Andy is a character in a Brit TV series. Lisa also included a pizza gift card of an extremely generous value. That was a double-whammy big smile from Scott, and the timing was perfect with him being at the peak of steroid-mad eating. And I have to KEEP thanking Lisa, as she's made a very generous donation to my Golf Marathon effort for yet another kid. I've not seen Lisa personally in several years, and Stephanie and the boys have never met her or Alex, but they are family - in every sense of the word. Lisa and Alex - you guys are great.

Finally a shout-out to Jim Heath - the infamous Spider. I've not emailed the Guru Golf crew about the Golf Marathon, but Spider is obviously watching and keeping tabs here. He's given a very generous donation to that effort as well. Thanks Spider, wished I could get out and hack up some turf with you guys more often.

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