Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Friday, June 29, 2007

Nuke Day Two

Scott and I bolted for the rad clinic this morning alone. I've been delegated as Rad Clinic Person. I don't know why. Scott has his "system" with everything involved with treatment. He's decided Stephanie can't deal with the radiation room, machine or process - or he just wants me there instead. There is no arguing or discussion with his mandates regarding whom does what duty. It is said, so it is done. Yesterday he went and got Stephanie and showed her the radiation room, and I don't think she'd do well with it either. LOL. She said there was no way she'd be able to be in there if it was her needing the treatment. I'll see if they'll let me take a picture in the room on Monday. It is odd - she can't do radiation. At times she's not allowed in for leg shots. I can't give steroids or 6mp or bactrim at home. I think he may feel one of us is being cheated if not having our designated duties. Scott has always worried about not involving everyone. The boy has a huge heart.

Day two was a breeze. Literally in the Big Lead Room for less than 10 minutes total. I told Scott with it only taking this long, we should save the drive and just let him lay his head in the microwave for a few seconds each day. He has a sense of humor today, which is a great step up from yesterday. Thought the steroids will take care of that soon enough.

He's not spewed any today, but still a few medicines to get down before bed. Got our fingers crossed.

Seems Steph's mum has been affected by the pollen here, or is just stuffed up sinus-wise from the plane flight. I walked in to her having a mask on, and being relegated to a back room. We dont' believe it is much of anything, but we'll be extra careful for a day or two.

On the way home, we picked up Scott's second pair of glasses, which were sunglasses that he didn't like. Now he has two pairs. The prescription had a minor change, and the optician told us since his old ones are scratched, we should have them replaced with the new prescription prior to the 1-year scratch warranty expires in September. A big thanks to Mr. Monty there at Costco Optical for the not-so-subtle hint.

Now for what we hope to be an uneventful weekend, and 9 days off for me! I just thought about what my work schedule had been like since diagnosis, and it was a bit sad. I was off for 11 days when Scott first got sick, but obviously that was nothing like one wants time off to be. Other than that, there has been the odd day here and there. It should be a nice time to just kick back with the boys, Stephanie and her mom. Nothing but a ride over to the hospital and quick visits to get nuked.

The golf donation page narrative was edited (with a large Thank You to Yvonne, and her many years of experience with the TECO Foundation helping out with that!), and the color scheme changed to best match Scott's blog here. Thanks to those of you that have got the donation ball rolling very early with some generous donations. More than 3 months out and about 10% of the goal is met. But don't fret, we can go as far beyond the goal as possible.

And speaking of Dream Fund topics, the Dream Fund coordinators have set time to meet with Scott next Thursday while he's at the clinic to talk about his Dream, and just what he wants to do. We believe he's leaning towards a packed Disney week, but one never knows. It is his Dream. It is his choice. Regardless of his decision, Brandon has already contacted the Dream Fund to sign up and play golf for Scott. I dunno if he can handle that many holes in a day, as he's getting old now!

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