Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

One banned, contagious person off the list.

One of the banned, diseased people are off the list. Stephanie is cleared to return to the hospital. She got back today about lunch time. I've never seen someone so happy to be able to BE in a hospital in my life. She's now there with Scott - who is still quite restricted to room 236. Can't roam the floor or go outside.

He did spike up to a 101 temp last night, the highest since he was diagnosed. An attempt at liquid Tylenol resulted in a nice spewing episode. Another antibiotic was added to his IV drip, and some bacterial blood cultures were taken - all standard protocal for the kids on chemo regimens. Blood culture results should be back sometime tomorrow.

One thing is checked off the list for good - Scott finished up his radiation today! He "graduated" from the radiation clinic. Got some ballons signed by the staff and got his trophy mask for a keepsake. The radiation oncologist, as well as the treatment staff, said Scott handled that aspect of the treatment exceptionally well. A very good group of folks work in that clinic, and they are very aware of how much "time" is involved once the kid is locked down with his mask. You do not get in their way, as they move as a team very quickly. Great personalities as well, especially for folks basically dealing with one cancer patient after another. Trust me when I say the people giving the treatment are a huge factor in this ordeal. I couldn't envision a lot of grumpy attitudes around Scott while being treated. It would be horrible, and likely land me in jail at some point.

So Stephanie and Scott are holed up tonight. Most likely another 3 nights or so in the clink for this visit. Have to make sure the issue is properly addressed and cleared up before release.

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