Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Free at last from the hospital! A nice surprise this morning - Dr. Wynn okayed Scott to be released and get home. We got him back to the house just an hour or so before Stephanie's mum had to be shuffled off to the airport. She's somewhere out over the Atlantic now. It was a real blessing for her to have been here this week. Our first "multi-night" unexpected hospital admission for Scott threw a big curveball into the entire week. At least she was able to change her flight 4 days later. We hate taking folks to the airport when they are leaving, especially when you have to say goodbye to them heading out to Concourse F. That always triggers flashbacks of the deportation nightmare. We hope she has an easier time getting back and does so without the delays she suffered coming over. Eric needs her back!

While Scott's counts weren't up to where they told us they had to be, they had bounced up pretty decently in the last 24 hours. Dr. Wynn just thought the situation was under control, and Scott would eat, drink and rest better at home. We do have orders to keep him well isolated. Also have to make a run to the clinic on Monday for a quick check of the affected area. We don't know yet if his next 3-week cycle due to start Thursday will happen or be delayed. He's on 3200 mg of antibiotic a day for the next 14, so it may be another week delay coming up.

Big thanks to Christine (Steph's mum) for this week. While it was horrible, it was tempered a bit with her playing taxi driver. Not much of a vacation for her coming all this way. She certainly got to see a LOT of things that go on with Scott. Including the radiation room and process, a pair of leg shots. Clinic visits, and of course - the torment of an unexpected stay in the hospital.

Tomorrow is hopefully a nice quiet day at the house to recover from such a week.

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