Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thankfully we had an uneventful but loooooong clinic visit today. A much better ANC at this time in the cycle. Up over 600. All other readings good. Derry even filmed the leg shot process, but it got deleted somehow. We'll try again next week and see if we can get Christine in the shoot.

Scott is feeling okay this week. We went off to the Children's Cancer Center this evening for a couple of hours. It was pizza night, so Scott enjoyed that. He also got out to play some street hockey (on foot) with some of the other kids and Derry. He was quite active considering it was clinic day. That is a very nice thing to see. I spent some time upstairs (the "adult" room). The Center is floating the idea of starting a Sibs group, which would ONLY involved sibling of the cancer kids. That would be a great thing for Derry to get around some kids his age that are also dealing with brothers/sisters that have cancer.

We also saw a number of our "clinic mates" from St. Joseph's. Several are off those folks are also going to be headed off to Disney on Labor Day weekend for the ACS "Families ROCK Weekend". That should be a good time, and we are all looking forward to that trip. It should be a good, short-drive getaway.

I also have a forewarning for all you folks. I've found something right up my alley related to Cancer Kid fundraising. The Children's Dream Fund has a Golf Marathon every year. It is on Monday, October 8th (Columbus Day). Basically my part is easy - I show up for a 7:30 a.m. start - and play as many holes as possible before sunset (about 6:45 that day I believe). My target (as well as each golfer involved) is 100 holes. Doing that math, that is 1 hole every 6 1/2 minutes.

Luckily I've got lots of experience thanks to our Guru Golf trips and many looooooong days with the golfing buddies on the course to make that number not seem so crazy.

I mention this because, as I said, my part is easy. Soon I will be posting a webpage link for ALL OF YOU to committ pledges for the effort. The pledge can be per-hole, or a flat amount.

ALL of the funds I raise will (and this is a bit ironic) be used to fund a specific kid's Dream. The Dream Fund works just like the Make-A-Wish foundation, and the Children's Dream Fund works in concert with Make-A-Wish. Yes, I'll be raising money for a kid with cancer to make their dream come true, and it will not be Scott. I have requested I play for a kid being treated at St. Joseph's.

The way I see it, someone somewhere (and likely unknown to us) will fund Scott's "Wish" when he decides to plan it. If all I need to do is play golf at a manic pace from sunrise to sunset for one day to make that "Wish" a reality for another kid (and unabashedly hound everyone I know for pledges) - that seems a very small amount of effort.

Rest assured, I'll keep everyone reminded of the date, the process and the webpage when they build mine and pair me with one of the kids.


Grandmama said...

So glad Scott had a better day todayit is about time for him to have a good vist.
And I think the golf is a wonderful thing for you to do.
Just let us know the web will be.
Love To All of You
Grandmama [Mama]

Ken said...

I agree with Lillian, it's time Scott had a good day.

100 holes in a day, one hole every 6.5 minutes, it can be done. Make sure we get a pledge kit so we can help. Let me know if you need any golf balls!

Colbys Mom said...

Just checking to see how you all are doing and thought I would leave a note to let you know you all are still in my thoughts and prayers. Hang in there.
Colbys Mom from the LLS boards

Sandie said...

It's great to know that Scott's day was a good one.

I think the sibling group is a slendid idea. We all benefit from knowing that we are not alone with our feelings.

Count us in for the Dream Fund.

Just curious if there are golf crocs. I too have balls if you need them.

Lots of love to you all.

Carolyn said...

I love the idea of a siblings group. Derry has handled this all much better than most kids his age but they need an outlet as well. Keep us posted on the progress of the group.

Absolutely count us in for the golf. You know me, I will "unabashedly" hound everyone I know to support this fabulous effort as well. Also, not all kids have the support and great family surrounding them. David, you are still the "baby" and always will be to me (I know, I am the "older" sister!), and I knew you would one day make a wonderful father. I could not be more proud.