Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Released and at home.

Got release and at home now.

Scott's color has come back much closer to "normal" since last night. The one unit of blood certainly helped a bunch. He's a bit stoned at the moment, still lingering from the morphine Doc Rossbach gave him this morning. The doc was really upset with the state of Scott this morning. He hadn't slept. His legs, feet and back were hurting, and he just had no fight or energy in him. Very, very weepy. The doctor used the morphine to calm him down as much as to deal with the pain.

We've also come home with a script for some liquid Tylenol/Codeine. That should help with dealing through the few days of the worst pain.

It was nice to go to a hospital, get admitted and not be there more than a day. I know Scott doesn't think there was anything nice about it at all, but seeing the place and not being there at least 4 or 5 days is easier to tolerate.

Scott was also okayed to go ahead with the leg shots scheduled for tomorrow. So all his work for the week is done, which means no clinic visit at all tomorrow. That makes 15 of those 20 shots behind him now. He's now bedded down and watching "Little Britain" on dvd. Hopefully he'll sleep well tonight.

We did get a pleasant surprise while at the hospital today. The social worker, Melissa, did let us know we've been invited to the American Cancer Society's "Families R.O.C.K." weekend at Disney. It happens the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of Labor Day weekend. Seems they set you up at the Contemporary Resort for Friday and Saturday night, a dinner on Friday night, programs all day Saturday (kids and parents are seperate), a free night Saturday night and park tickets for Sunday. They also allow you to extend your stay at your own cost with the rooms being discounted heavily. That should be a nice break by the end of summer. Yes, Disney is mobbed then, but you do get no-line-waiting privileges at every attraction. Like I said, that was a nice surprise on a crappy day otherwise.

We do have some news about little JJ that went to NYC. Her operation last week was very long - 10 hours they worked on her. But they did get the critical tumor out of her without making more problems. They also removed 3 others. She's doing well now according to her mom Mary. Hopefully there are no further complications for her, and she gets back down here in a few weeks.

That said, we ran into a lady with a little 4-year-old today at the hospital. That little guy was just diagnosed Monday with the same disease as JJ, and they are already talking about him having a stay up in NYC. His mom's friend was talking to Stephanie, and wanted Stephanie to talk to the mother, since Stephanie wasn't "new" to this nightmare. "New" or "recent" are very relative terms with this horror.

It just never ends. Sadly, there always seem to be "new" kids.

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