Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Next round ok to go.

Got Scott at clinic this morning. His ANC has manage to elevate to 735. Borderline to get his next rounds of Vincristine, Dox and steroids. However, Doc Obzut has given the green light to go ahead with treatment. We also have a meeting with the radiation oncologist at noon, and Scott is to be fitted with his mask just afterward. He's a bit worried about that process, but I think he'll do okay once he gets in there.

With all of our worry about Scott, we also worry about our little friend JJ. Her and her mom Mary are up in NYC. JJ had her operation yesterday which lasted from noon to 10 pm. I happened to be talking to Mary's brother (Noriel whom Stephanie spoke of) when she called him this morning. The doctors got the tumor they went after, but JJ is at a very critical juncture today. She's has tubes everywhere, which is expected. She also is fighting to breathe 100% on her own and the docs are trying to get her blood pressure stable. It drops so the heart rises in rate. It's been a very long couple of days for JJ and her mom. We hope the best for them.

We'll update on the radiation/mask happenings later this evening.

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