Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Not happy.

Well Scotty has cried himself to sleep, too tired and too scunnered to be consoled. I tell you watching your child endure this nightmare is just a living hell. I am so angry right now. Life isn’t fair but it can piss off and go be unfair elsewhere.


Kristy said...

Jerry and I are praying for y'all. As a new mom, I can't even imagine dealing with this. I was a wreck on Monday when Carrie got her first round of vaccines, and that's NOTHING. Give Scott a big hug from us, and tell him we'll bring Bailey to cheer him up any time he wants.

Grandmama said...

David I told Ms. Miller how sick Scott had been this week and how angry you were that life is just not fair. She said she was so sorry. But you were probably brought to them to take good care of them. No Son Life is not fair.
And I am so Sorry you all are having to go through Such a terrible thing .
Love to all of you.