Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Monday, June 25, 2007

5 Months in, and GIVE MONEY.

Yesterday marked 5 months since the evening Scott got sick after dinner. In some ways, it seems a much shorter time since that rainy night when we had to drive to the hospital. In other ways, it seems much longer. It is hard to recall what things were like before that day to me. I think the shock, stress and exhausting nature of everything tends to blur memories of the time just before Scott's diagnosis. So much has happened since January it is hard to comprehend. We know things now that no one should really ever know. Far too much about bloodwork and drugs and different tests. I think we could drive to the hospital/clinic with our eyes closed. Certainly we could navigate St. Joseph's blindfolded.

Through 5 months we've seen a lot of "new" faces and families that were diagnosed after Scott at a hospital already heaving with cases. I never knew such a number of kids were fighting such battles. It is heartbreaking.

Scott was in a great mood this weekend. Very upbeat and energetic. Seems to have done well with this 3-week cycle. He does have a very heavy week of treatment, including the start of radiation this coming Thursday. We'll keep our fingers crossed.

I've added a text box over in the right column about the Golf Marathon. Click on the donate button, and help us make Cheyenne's Dream come true. Her dream is likely very similar to the one Scott will submit, so us trying to make her's a reality is very important. Someone somewhere will be giving in some form to fund Scott's Dream. Please help us!

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