Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Monday, June 18, 2007

A picture's worth 1,000 words

Stephanie's picture below says it all.

Mask day at the radiation clinic. The "making" of the mask was somewhat anti-climatic. We weren't sure how long the process takes.

Less than a minute to stretch it over the face and clamp it to the table. It is a nice piece of flat, woven plastic material before they start. A bit of time in a heated water bath - and over the face it goes.

Scott did exceptionally well with the process. Not moving the least bit. Even having his lips slightly open to breathe through his mouth as they said. He didn't twitch a muscle through the fitting, and the following CT scan. The CT scan was done solely for mapping his head in the computer, so the radiation doesn't stray when they start next week. Even the technician commented on just how still his entire body was during the CT scan. He didn't even twitch a leg or hand. He also stated it "wasn't bad", and thinks the mask is something he'll be able to scare Derry with in some way after his treatment.

We're glad he didn't get claustrophobic or scared this morning. That was a huge worry for us, but turned out to be one of the things in the "not as bad as expected" category. So now we just continue onward to Thursday's clinic visit.

Stephanie's mom will be here starting next Tuesday. She'll get to be with us during one of Scott's "heavy" weeks starting in 10 days. All the chemo. A bone marrow aspiration and spinal tap. Legs shots. And the first day of radiation if all goes well.

Not to mention she may suffer heat stroke when she steps out of doors here for the first time.

Some good news concerning our little JJ. She got through the operation in NYC and is responding well. So well in fact, Sloan-Kettering has discharged her. JJ and Mary will be back here late tomorrow night via their Angel Flight. That is roughly two weeks sooner than expected, and is very good news for Mary, JJ and Mary's dad. We'll be glad to see JJ back in the St. Joe's clinic. She's got a lot in front of her, but she has put one major hurdle behind her now.


Grandmama said...

So glad Scott did so well today.
He is such a brave little boy .
Papa said to tell him he is still his Hero.
I pray for all of you every day
which is something I have never done very well.
Love To All Of You

Lorna said...

well done Scott - proud of you. yeah, Im sure you can use 'the mask' to scare Derry later on - just be careful what he retaliates with!! Am going away tomorrow - will try to send you some pics of the dolphins, maybe a shark or two. thinking of you everyday. lots of love, Lorna xxx

christine said...

Just caught up on 2 weeks in your lives and need a good cry - yet so pleased as well that you all have each other. Scott did so well to keep so still - don't think I would have done as well - good on you Scott! - and good to see you can keep a sense of humour in all of this. Not long now til I get to see you all and lets hope I don't get heatstroke as David suggests - I want to help not give you more to worry about!!!
Love and hug