Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Monday, March 31, 2008

Scott has been feeling great these last few days, it is simply wonderful. I even remarked to David earlier “he’s starting to look like a normal kid again”. No longer do people look at him ‘funny’ or with curiosity or pity. He still has his round face but is getting a little colour in his cheeks and it’s even getting to the stage where he needs a hair cut!! My friend Paolo at Toni & Guy promised him a makeover whenever he wanted but so far Scott is refusing and vowing never again to cut his hair.

He has been working hard with the Florida Virtual School and recently started a new course studying World Cultures. Today he sat for three hours totally engrossed in an interactive exercise, building a ziggurat. He loves to learn about the ancients and if my brainwashing goes according to plan in ten years he’ll be off to the Great Rift Valley, a trowel in one hand and a toothbrush in the other.

David is starting to feel better and is now on some pretty heavy duty antibiotics which have given him a bit of a ‘Chernobyl’ look but did thankfully, stop the pain and fever.

Well that’s it for now, we have a busy week ahead and all being well lots of good stuff to look forward to. I’ll leave you with a beautiful song by Oasis. Scott loves Oasis. Scott has great taste!


christine said...

Glad Davids feeling better - is he able to go back to work yet. Also good that Scotts looks more 'normal' - whatever normal is - but seriously it must be good to go out without being looked at in pity or curiosity - roll on the time when all of your lives return to normal.

love and hugs and can't wait to see you all

Sandie said...

It really makes me happy to know there is a bit of sunshine in your life right now. Paolo and Scott eh? That gives me a chuckle. Pass on my sympathies to David.

Lots of love