Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mathew is really struggling and since I last wrote of him he has endured so much, please keep the wee man, and his family, in your thoughts.

Kaylie is still in intensive care and we hope to visit with her tomorrow all being well. Our friend, Sierra, another little girl with leukemia is also in intensive care with pneumonia.

Thats not really much else to say really, I just feel sad. Leukemia is so cruel.


This night brings some heavy hearts to us. Nothing about this disease is easy. Absolutely nothing. But the situation right now just seems overbearing. The three kids Stephanie mentioned are all treated at St. Joe's along with Scott. I don't mean to put relevance meters on different kids just dependent upon where they happen to be treated, but all three are some of the first families we crossed paths with in this nightmare. And tonight, all 3 lie in intensive care at St. Joe's, and we're headed there for Scott's clinic visit tomorrow. All three have complications that seem far too much for wee little kids to have. It just isn't right. It makes us angry to a degree which words can't describe. The problem is, there isn't a "thing" to turn that anger towards. These three are hitting us really hard.

It is mind-numbing. The horrific part of this situation is all three of these kids about 2-4 months ago were basically "on schedule" or "on track" or whatever term we use to describe a situation that is basically "well, we don't have complications this week" - outside of being on a treatment protocol for some type of cancer. It's hard to take. I told Kaylie's mom and nana last week I remembered seeing them back around Christmas in the clinic, and had commented on how nice it was to see her well then, as we'd seen her during a massively long stay when Scott was diagnosed. I can't tell you how many laps we saw those women make around the floor with a wee tot just over 1 year old battling cancer. Then we saw her "well" and looking good. And then a "complication".

We all hate that word. We all hate the disease. And it does make us all angry. I wish there was a means to take it out on the disease itself. But it's an anger which there's no escape or retribution against.

I don't even know the point of my post here tonight. I just have to vent. I fuming mad and my heart aches for these innocent little kids and what they must endure. If cancer was a person standing out in the street, I'd be bashing the hell out of it with a baseball bat right now.


nina said...

I can hear your frustration. They are all in my thoughts,David & Stephanie.

I hope today brings better news.
(((hugs to you all)))

christine said...

I'd be out there bashing it with you David - all we can do is keep praying for them.

love and hugs

Sherry said...

The line to bash would stretch for miles.

Staci said...

David, I would be right behind you in line! I do not understand why children or anyone for that matter has to go through such things but I do know that I am gonna keep right on praying for them. Sending hugs from Maine!