Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Today’s clinic visit went okay. His platelets took a bit of a dive from last week and his anc was good at almost 2000, a huge drop from last weeks 8000, however the nurse was happy with his results. Every week I have an expectation in mind with his counts and it seems I am always wrong, I thought we would see consistency in continuation but it doesn’t seem to be that way. They have said that if counts are okay next week they will increase chemo to 90%. It was reduced to 80% following the long period of worry and low counts over Christmas, but the doctors would now like to try him on a higher dose and see how he does.

We visited with Kaylie and her family and Scott gave her a beautiful princess bear he had made for her at Build a Bear on Tuesday. Hopefully when she is conscious and feeling better she will enjoy her ‘Princess Kaylie’. She has made a slight improvement on last week which is wonderful, her recovery is going to take quite some time but that’s okay. Thankfully Kaylie is making baby steps in the right direction.

We also met yet another kid recently diagnosed with t-cell. I must say it is very worrying how many children seem to have t-cell considering how unusual it is. The doctors have said that there is most certainly a cluster of it, but also that clusters are not necessarily anything to be concerned over. I do understand that but at the same time cant help but wonder that there is more to this than meets the eye.

Scott had an appointment with the dentist this afternoon. Chemo can cause havoc with the teeth so we aim for a cleaning and consultation about every 4 months. He had to be pre-medicated with a very large dose of antibiotics before his visit which he doesn’t like as it makes him feel yucky, and like many kids, he hates going to the dentist. So anyway, all went well, he had a wonderful hygienist who was so kind and understanding and cleaned up all the gunk he missed, then the dentist came for a look and we were thrilled when he said that Scott didn’t have any cavities or concerns. Then just as we were leaving, and quite unexpectedly, he gave us his hockey tickets for next week!! Good seats too. Silly old dentist, he made my eyes leak.

Well that’s it for now; the house looks like a bomb has gone off and its making me itch.

Thanks for checking in. Oh and a big thank you to our huge hearted Angel Laura. I loved the birthday present and yes I suppose I am a crazy old cat lady. Thank you very much.


I forgot to tell you about last night ... Scott managed to skate for a whole hour, he must have covered about 3 miles. That is without doubt the most he has been able to achieve since diagnosis!! And speaking of which, today marks 54 weeks of treatment, it has been 60 weeks since diagnosis but we missed a few weeks, these are added on at the end. Anyway, 54 weeks marks the half way point if all goes according to protocol, which hopefully it will. Whilst it is kind of depressing to think that after so long we are still only half way there, it is also kind of exciting too. Our glass of chemo is half empty.


christine said...

Glad to hear Kaylie is holding her own and hope she continues to improve. It's good to here of people (especially dentists) giving so generously - enjoy your trip to the hockey when it comes.

So Scott is now half way through - what a milestone. We know there may be obstacles and difficulties along the way but lets hope the next 54 weeks go smoothly and as straightforward as possible.
love to you all

Dawn said...

So your glass of chemo is half empty - and it will continue to be less full each day! I hope and pray that Scott sails smoothly through the second half of his protocol without any hiccups.

The photos you posted of Mathew and Kaylie are just lovely. It's heartbreaking to hear of their situation and I'm so pleased to hear a bit of good news about Kaylie. I can't begin to put myself in their parents position. We'd all join David's line to bash cancer if we could.

With love to you all,