Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Derry had his first game of the season today. Before the game even got under way we were expecting complete annihilation due to only having a team of 10. Five men short!!! This would mean each player working a longer shift and having shorter breaks. It wouldn’t have been such a catastrophe had the other team been in the same position however they had full strength. Not only that but the opposing team just looked bigger and meaner. It wasn’t going to be pretty!
It was a very fast and rough game, the kids from both teams skated like their lives depended on it. I was terrified that at any moment any one of them might drop down dead from exhaustion. Also kind of worried that Derry’s goalie might try shoving her stick through his spinal column at the first opportunity after they had a bit of a falling over together (so romantic) but it led to a goal against them, she wasn’t too thrilled and gave him a very impressive dirty look. She’s got balls that girl, I like her a lot.
Anyhow, Derry’s team WON! They beat the white team 7-5. I think players and supporters from both teams left the forum completely stunned.
When we got home we had big bowls of soup and fresh bread and talked about the game. Scott and I teased him rotten about his budding relationship with the scary goalie. Then he came out with this gem, “you know, I don’t believe in luck except on World of Warcraft, you know, when I bring out my invisible bunny you know?” UH????? No, we didn’t know.
Derry fell into bed about half an hour ago with aching legs but the biggest smile on his face I have seen in a very long time. By now he’s probably dreaming about witches, goblins, angry bunnies and invisible goalies. Awesome.

Derry (Paterson 44) racing to save his princess, I mean, goalie....

Either getting advice or being told off for sitting on goalie, not sure which ....


Grandmama said...

Way to go Derry !!!
I know you all had to play really
hard to win the game. But that comes from everyone working together. We sure wish we could see
you play a game.
Don't let them bother you about the young lady. You are a good looking guy so you are going to have the girls after you for a long time.
Love To All of You
Grandmama & Papa

Dawn said...

Awesome Derry. You keep leaving those supporters stunned. Word of advice - leave your goalie alone. She's too valueable to the team!!!

If you're interested The Guildford Flames just won the English Premier League last night, winning 6-1. Couldn't get tickets for the match as they were sold out, but Stephen just managed to get the last 3 tickets for the match next weekend so he can take the boys and see the trophy presented. Obviously not quite so high profile as ice hockey in the States but still very exciting to watch! I'm sure Derry wouldn't say no to playing for them - but maybe he'd miss an interesting princess being in goal!!!

Take care,

christine said...

Well done Derry - I'm very proud of you. Just don't go squashing to many goalies or they might put you in goal and then you'll REALLY be scared - or at least I would if I had to face you lot charging at me - I'd just run out of the way!!

Lots of hugs

Sandie said...

Well done Derry!

And don't mind your mom - she's just being naughty. : ) One of her many charms.