Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Clinic went fine this morning thankfully. Scott had an anc of around 2000 and fortunately his platelets were back up to 253. Biliruben was 1.2, top of the normal range but under the magic 2.0. His protocol dictates that anything above that number means half the recommended dose of vincristine. Due to his counts holding steady the last 3 cycles he had his 6mp and methotrexate upped to 90%, hopefully he will tolerate this without a crash in counts. His steroids were also increased - grrr - due to slight weight gain over the last few months.

Hopefully all these increases will not make for even worse pains and side effects over the coming week. I hate vincistine day and the start of steroids but know I would be a basket case if he wasnt getting his medication.

He has just taken his first dose of steroids and is already harassing me to call Pizza Hut. There is no way they have 'kicked in' yet, I understand the cravings oh too well but I think there is also a very obvious psychological element too. Now and then people ask me 'what can I do for Scott', well a Pizza Hut gift card would be very welcome as this whole cancer thing is proving to be a 'rather extravagant' experience!!

Well that is is for now, please think of David and I (LOL) as we deal with our steroid monster over the coming week. I think after caring for a child taking 165mg of prednisone a day, the teenage years will be a walk in a beautiful, flowery park.

Also please keep little Mathew in your thoughts. A lot of hearts are breaking at what this sweet child and his family are going through. Our friend Pat Pedraja is dedicating next years 'Driving for Donors' in Mathew's honor. Im so proud of Pat for his hard work and compassion and whilst I am horrified at what Mathew has had to endure I am also in awe of him for being so very brave. I'm just believing and clinging to the hope that Mathew will somehow and someway beat this crap.

Thank you for checking on Scott and Happy Easter!


christine said...

Had to look twice at the picture to figure out the meaning - it's very good. It's just a shame you wouldn't eat your peas when young - remember??
Love mum/nana

Mum said...

I am sure that should a daring soul peel back the carpet at our spooky old house on Shetland my peas will still be there. (Peas are like cockroaches you know, they cannot be destroyed.) Hidden forever by a canny little girl. :)