Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Scott is feeling much better than a few days ago thankfully. The pains have gone and the emotional turmoil and moodiness from the steroids have subsided. Hopefully we shall now have a couple of weeks of Scott feeling somewhat 'normal'. The next big chemo (a week on Thursday) will also involve ara 'c' and methotrexate being injected into his spine. This is something he hates, it leaves him with backache for a few days but the most traumatic part is Scott's reaction to anaesthesia.

David is still running a fever and is in a lot of pain. He did see the doctor yesterday and it seems he has a very nasty sinus infection. The antibiotics havent kicked in yet and he is having trouble with headaches and his vision. Hopefully in a day or so he'll be on the mend.

Derry is doing fine, still struggling with school but happy all the same. He is off out at hockey practice right now and I have to say a huge thank you to my friend Stephanie for making sure he got there today and keeping an eye on him. She has been an angel for us throughout all this and we are very grateful. Stephanie also homeschools her three boys and mentioned to me today about some outings for homeschooled kids on the horizon. I would definately like to be part of this and get Scott out and about a bit more often and meeting new children.

Speaking of Scotty, here he is with Jingle...

It also seems we have acquired some furry little squatters. Derry was cutting the grass earlier and came upon a big momma possum ....

He shrieked like a little girl, apparently it 'growled' at him, and ran inside. So I went out with an apple and guess what we found....

They look bigger in these pictures than they actually are. They are tiny, maybe three or four weeks old. I believe Dad is around somewhere too as a couple of nights ago I saw the cats all lined up staring at something in the garden. Turns out they were watching Momma Possum and big Daddy Possum getting all romantic right in the middle of our garden!!!

I hate to end this post on a sad note but I recieved a call this morning from a very dear friend of mine. Her child has relapsed. I will write more in the coming days and ask that you all do whatever you can to give this family your moral support. This family have been so kind to us and Scott is very fond of their precious little girl, Sierra. For everyone with a child who has leukemia relapse is the thing we dread more than anything else. Relapse indicates that the leukemia is stronger and more resistant than the therapy previously tried. Therefore the doctors must treat the relapse much more aggressively. Sierra had a relapse confirmed 2 days after her protocol ended, a time of great excitement yet a dangerous time, a window of opportunity for any remaining cells. I dont want to say too much about this child, sometimes writing here of other children makes me feel like a little old lady passing on the latest gossip. I just hope that you all know that this is not my intent. I write of these children only because I care and because of the great bonds forged during our crossed paths on this terrible journey.

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April_Molle said...

Hi! Stephanie!

The baby possums are so cute! Oh! my....Logan would be on cloud nine if he lived at your house! :) :)

I am so glad that Scott is feeling better! I hope his lp goes well next week! I am just amazed at how much Scott's frontline treatment is like Logan's relapse protocol! Logan also gets the methatrexate and ara-c and hydrocortisone in his lps! That wasnt the case on Logan's frontline treatment! It was only methatrexate!

I am so sorry that David is sick with a sinus infection! :( I sure hope he starts to feel better REAL SOON!

I was shocked to find out Sierra has relapsed! My heart aches for Sierra and her family! Relapse is just devastating!

I hope that you all are enjoying a wonderful weekend and I hope you have a wonderful week! :)

Take care and Best wishes! :)

April Molle