Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Thursday, April 3, 2008

For the first time in over 14 months Thursday has rolled around but Scotty doesn’t have to go for chemo!

Instead he had clinic yesterday and thankfully his blood work came back looking good. Another high anc (still low for a healthy person mind you) which is obviously better than a neutropenic/very low anc but will likely mean increased chemo next week. They will continue tweaking with the chemo until regular low (ish) counts are seen. If cells are allowed to flourish in the blood this also means leukemic cells may come back also. Its a vey fine balancing act.

Scott also had his breathing treatment yesterday which went very well but made him feel ill later in the day. The poor kid had a complete meltdown last night, I guess every now and then the emotional crap really takes its toll and just has to come out. I’m still holding on the anti-depressants, I’d rather deal with the issues and get through them every day rather than give him another pill. But we’ll see, the mental aspect of this is really starting to rear its ugly head.

David is also still feeling pretty darn bad and now has a weird and painful side effect from the antibiotics he had been taking. So the two of them last night, both thoroughly miserable, were not a pretty sight.

Anyhow, today should be a better day.

The reason for switching days is because Scott was asked by the Children’s Cancer Centre to take part in the filming of a commercial for a new section of the park at Busch Gardens. It is called Jungala and one of the main attractions is a very cool zip line. So Scott got up early this morning and went with David to try out the new ride and take part in the filming. Should be a great day and I can’t wait to hear all about it.

I am staying home and cleaning. Well at least I’m supposed to be; instead I’m cruising the internet and updating the blog. Maybe I’ll get out my mop and bucket after the next cup of coffee. I’m gonna have to – MY MUM IS COMING!! Aaaaaarghhh!! Panic! Panic! Panic!

She is probably over Ireland right now and heading to Philadelphia. Then she has a three hour wait until her flight to Tampa. We’re all really excited, having Nana around is wonderful, she does so much to help and does all sorts of cool stuff with the boys. I know she will put me to shame and actually fly Scotts kite with him rather than let it sit in the corner of the room, never built and never flown. And on Saturday she will see Derry play hockey and will probably embarrass the hell out of him, but I guess that’s what Nana’s are supposed to do.

She also has with her my Dad’s claddagh ring he always wore. Dad died without a penny (and lots of bills) to his name which the more I think about the more I like. He lived for the day and enjoyed it. He wasnt really your conventional sort of Dad, more of a wild rover and free spirit. All he left were personal items and I claimed his claddagh. Its going to be kind of weird to see it again.

EDIT: Well, so much for a fun day at Busch Gardens. Poor Scott took a fall from a rope climbey thing and came home after just a couple of hours quite hysterical and claiming how much the whole wide world just hates him. He has a big angry bruise on his back and another on his arm. He's calmed down a bit now, after a shot of codeine, but not a happy chappy thats for sure. :(


Dawn said...

Just thinking how cool for Scott to have a day out at Busch Gardens and being filmed as well, and then we read the last paragraph. Poor guy must feel so frustrated with everything at the moment. Hope he managed to have SOME fun before he took the fall. Also hope having Nana visit cheers him up a bit! How long is she over for? However long, just enjoy having time together for a while.

So glad you're getting Grahams ring to treasure. I reckon he'd think that was pretty perfect eh?

Love to everyone - including Chris (phone me when you're back)

nina said...

steph, your mom sounds so cool. glad she's coming around for a visit. :)

i hope her visit does everyone a world of good.


Grandmama said...

So sorry Scott had such a bad time at Busch Gardens this morning .I guess it does seem like nothing goes the way you hope.
I know you all will love having your Mum here . I know she was a lot of help last time she came. And it is good to have Mum close by.
And David we sure hope you soon get better. Wish we could be of some help to you all but we can't seem to help ourselves these days.
With your Dad's hand and my back.
Love To All Of You
Grandmama & Papa [Mom & Dad