Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Friday, November 7, 2008

Yesterday’s counts sucked in my opinion. His anc did come up following steroids but was the lowest post-steroid anc seen this year. I was assured by the nurse that this isn’t anything to be alarmed about as his bone-marrow is probably still messed up following the pneumonia. I wish that could calm me down but it doesn’t. His hemoglobin is holding and his platelets plummeted. However they were higher than normal last week so yesterday’s level was a more normal-for-Scott result.
The neuropathy is still present and is showing little sign of improving. His pain is intense and very distressing. Usually it is completely gone by now so this is very bizarre. I know that in some leukemia patients it does not go away during treatment and I simply cannot imagine Scott having to live with this pain day-in day-out for the next 5/6 months.
I have been convinced to put him back on Paxil as his depression is BAD, real bad. Dr Tebbi will monitor him for a few weeks and perhaps increase the dose if no significant improvement is seen.
Scott is also very sleepy. He shows no interest in anything but trying to get comfortable and go to sleep. Obviously this sets alarm bells ringing too. Just hoping that this is a combination between depression, pain and steroids.
I am also watching his temperature closely. It was slightly elevated yesterday and the bottom line is that he simply looks ill and feverish. Another inpatient visit would not surprise me


christine said...

oh dear Steph - he does sound in a poorly way - just hope you can keep giving him a boost from time to time - though I know that takes it out of you as well!! Surely he cannot be expected to deal with the pain indefinately. give him my love (and derry of course - hope he has a good match this weekend)
hugs to all, nana/mum

Dawn said...

Hi Steph,
I just wanted to send you all my love. It must be awful to see Scott so depressed and in pain. I hope the new drug makes a differnce to his mood quickly. It must make such a difference to all of you.
Anyway I just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you.
With love,