Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Mad World

Today has Scott reading better, and actually able to watch tv without it basically just annoying him. So that is a plus on the vision side of things. It does seem edema is the issue in his head and we are on the right path to remedy that aspect of things.

However, his ANC is dropping significantly. Down to 1100 - which any of the cancer-parent folks visiting here know isn't drastically low - but Scott's hasn't been that low in over a year now. And on top of that, the dreaded "unclassified" cells appeared on the sheet this morning. They are dreaded because they are just as the category says - no one knows what they are. They don't have recognizable form, shape or characteristics.

This of course has us in an elevated state of worry, if that is possible after the last few weeks. Scott is still very lethargic and has constant nausea. We probably are going to have him weened off neurontin, as it isn't part of his protocol and it simply did nothing to help with his neuropathic pain from vincristine - and he pukes it up in about 15 seconds most times lately. He also still has sore legs, which could be muscle atrophy, lingering neuropathic pain or something altogether different.

It is maddening to wait until bloodwork results get back in the morning to see if this is an anomaly or something that needs digging into deeper. Stephanie is a wreck with worry, I'm not much better. The stress of all of this uncertainty is cumulative over time, and concerns like this push you past a point one just doesn't like crossing as a parent.

I do want to say thanks to Sherry and Sara for stopping by and lifting Scott's spirits today. He does like such visits and digs all his stuff. Just so you know Sherry, he's not shot anyone - yet.

We also had two of the clinic nurses bring by yet another load of food goodies from Susan and Taylor. It seems every time we end up inpatient, the right stuff just appears from these amazing folks that started their unfortunate journey the exact same evening as us. Scott loves his pillow and blanket guys! Ironically we are in their "diagnosis" room now. I can remember Steve sitting out in the hall in a chair reading his book. That seems an eternity ago is some ways, and it's only been about 22 months.

Well, I'm rambling now and should get to bed. Tomorrow is another day, hopefully with some good news.


Natalie Willis said...

Sending lots of prayers your way. Hoping and praying for a full and speedy recovery.

Shawn said...

Let me know of I can do anything...what about a delivery of ice cream?