Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Sunday, November 16, 2008


After a week which was draining both mentally and emotionally, we had a bit of a 'calmer' weekend. But not without its own issues. Scott has responded to the blood pressure meds well - in fact, a bit TOO well. Saturday he commented he got dizzy a couple of times, so with the trusty HSA card in hand, I was off to Walgreen's to purchase a snazzy blood pressure machine. Checked it all out on myself, as I know what my bp usually is, then checked Scott. And his was low. Too low. Down around the 70/47 once. So another call to the clinic. Doc called back and told us to just stop one of Scott's meds. A glass of Coke and about 30 minutes lying down and his bp had come up to a more comfortable level.

He's much better today, but we're still sorting out getting the proper dosage of the one medicine to keep him at a more stable bp.

I think Stephanie would agree, this was one of the most exhausting weeks since Scott was diagnosed. The several issues we've faced just take something out of you which is'nt explained in words well. You feel like an over-matched boxer having about 6 different fights in one night. It brought a new meaning to the word "tired" for all of us. We hope there aren't anymore like this past week.

It ended this evening on a very "up" note. My company (Carter) and the MAW folks had planned a bit of a "sendoff" party for Scott at the Ice Forum where Derry plays hockey. Since Scott can't skate right now, they set us up for several rounds of Laser Tag, pizza, cake and I think about 30 cans of Silly String. Poor Scott was covered with the stuff upon arrival, but he loved every second of it. We'll put up more details about this happening tomorrow, but I just wanted to say before going to bed that we were all overwhelmed. Seeing so many faces I typically only see in my work environment there just to show support for Scott was an amazing feeling, and quite a humbling experience. The generosity of my co-workers towards Scott was amazing, and I think he's well set now for his Wish Trip. The Make-A-Wish folks gave us our trip package, and we can't wait to be on our way.

Our thanks to everyone involved. I can't explain our level of appreciation. I now have another explanation of why I've worked for my company for 20+ years, we have some very good people - not just at what we do in business - but as my Dad would say "they're just good people".


christine said...

It's so good to hear of you all being able to go out and have a good time after such a traumatic week - Scott so needs to remember that there is a life out there waitng for him to be well enough to join in again, and it sounds like this party did him a lot of good. Thank you to everyone involved at Davids company for giving him this special afternoon.

Sandie said...

"Scott so needs to remember that there is a life out there waitng for him to be well enough to join in again"

This is so beautifully put.

It's always a pleasure to check in to find there was a spot of sunshine in your day.

Lots of love to you all.

Grandmama said...

So glad you all were able to get out and have some fun.
Yes David it nice to work with such nice people. Please tell them that your family thanks them for all they have done for our son and his wonderful family.
Mom [Grandmama]