Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Good News - Bad News

First a bit of good news for Scott. I took him back to Doc Rosenberg, the pulmonary doctor, today. He listened to Scott and said his lungs sounded nice and clear, even to the point he didn't want to do another chest film. Scott will remain on one of the anti-fungal drugs until his oncs decide to stop it.

That's about it for the good stuff.

The bad news is Scott's joint pain has been unbelievable with this round of vincristine. Maybe because he had none for 5 weeks instead of 3, we just don't know. He has been miserable and basically completely depressed. It is not a lot of fun, and we're really hoping it wanes in the next day or so.

We also learned another child we know, Demetri, has relapsed and must start a new protocol. He's a boy we met for the first time at a hockey game, shortly after Scott was diagnosed. As his dad said, the treatment is supposed to make this not happen. It is every cancer parent's nightmare.

Our thoughts are also with Connor and his mom Tracey. Little Connor is fighting a major battle at this time. The kid has fought so much and complications just keep coming.

With all that said, we'll leave with a positive note. Angel Laura is off to the hospital tomorrow to deliver her new baby girl Ellie! Angel Laura has been wonderful (as have you Dave!) and we wish her a nice healthy new girl!
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