Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday Evening now

Today showed some improvement in Scott's vision. He can recognize people. Doc Fernandez had him reading header-sized type in one of the books in the room. His blood pressure seems stablized with the oral meds now.

He was let out of icu and back to the oncology ward this afternoon. He's still having his bp watched closely, and is in a very watched state. Sadly one of the reasons he was allowed to go back to onc today was a) the picu was packed, and b) two poor kids were brought to the hospital with gunshot wounds and need extreme critical care.

It doesn't worry us too badly to be out of icu, although Stephanie made sure a bp machine was left at Scott's bedside. But it also doesn't mean all is hunky-dorry (or however the hell ya spell that). Before we left, Doc Obzut came in an went over Scott's ordeal with him and us pretty thoroughly.

While his vision has improved, it is far from perfect. He can read large type on something in front of him. But Stephanie got a ballon with writing on it, and he said twice she had it upside down, and finally said "is it in Spanish?" This obviously concerned us, but we are both pleased with his improvement today.

He has not had the head turning issue today, but he's also not had Diflucan before I left the hospital a short time ago. It is not believed to be the problem, as Compazine (sp?) is the suspect on that front. We will see when he takes it later.

He did smile a couple of times today, and even had a bit of "Scott" humor back. He asked for some headphones for his laptop, Fanta and gummy bears. Weird I know, but asking for anything which he has to consume is a big step. After detailing his list of requests, he just looked at me and said "off", like dispatching a servant - which is vintage Brit-Scott without a doubt.

Stephanie is exhausted, but at least back on the onc ward she can get a shower in and has her own bed. Good thing, as I think she may have to begin to become "a bit foosty".

Some of you asked how Derry is holding up. Like a couple of weeks ago, we've made sure he's kept in school and try to make things as normal as possible for him. He's awaiting a World of Warcraft (gay!) release tonight, and likely will be on there within seconds of arriving home tomorrow. He knows the things going on with Scott, but Derry asks his questions in his own time, usually in an environment where he can escape very quickly. He knows Scott's problems are serious.

To sum things up - today saw improvement, but Scott is obviously not himself. We're hoping nothing more than keeping his bp down and more time will continue progress and improvement. At the same time, the fear of a not-seen blockage still lurks. It will do so for some time. This makes two issues with his brain during treatment, and few things are scarier.

We appreciate everyone checking in. We know we aren't social butterflies, and pretty much have become a "bubble family". But that is just the way we face this battle. It is the priority over all in our life.


nina said...

well some welcome good news is better than nothing. hush about the social butterfy things,if you were that way, i'd have you both examined!! you are doing as you should.
hang in there, there's a world of good thoughts,prayers,mojo, and whatever else we can muster up coming at you from the keystone state.

Ben32113 said...

Glade to see things are heading in the right direction!


christine said...

As I said to someone who asked how Derry is coping - he seems to know his boundaries - and is not the sort of kid who will be out getting into mischief - although he must be missing mum at home. Lots of love Derry and a nana hug. (sorry if that's not good for your street cred)

Sherry said...

My goodness - I am kicking myself for not checking your site yesterday! I forget how things can change in a moments notice...I am so sorry Scott and all of you are having to face yet another "side effect nightmare." This world you live in is so hard to navigate and understand. You are all in my prayers, thoughts and heart. Please call if you need ANYTHING!!! I am happy to accomodate Sir Scott's requests no matter what they are!

Much love,

Dawn said...

Really pleased to read things are a little bit better. Hope they manage to sort out all his drugs to stabalise things and keep you all out of ICU.

Keep hanging in there and send Scott our love.