Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Friday, November 21, 2008

We went back to clinic again this morning for counts and were pleased to see just enough improvement for Scott to go ahead with chemo and steroids.
His bloodwork is weird though. Platelets are through the roof, the white count is very low and again there are immature cells/blasts (blasts can be harmless or they can be cancer) in the peripheral blood. The hemoglobin is the only cell line holding at normal. His monocytes are also very high; hopefully this is an indicator of marrow recovery.
So, we started back on the chemo and within hours the pain started. I refuse to have a repeat of last cycle’s cock-up, so should the pain become unbearable then I will ask to have Scott admitted for proper pain management. We now also have the added responsibility of monitoring his blood pressure and trying to find the correct balance of medicines. I have been told to expect a rise within the coming days now that we are back on steroids again. Lastly his glucose levels were high again so he’s on a strict low sugar diet.
I am so pissed off with cancer.


christine said...

It's good news versus bad news isn't it - good that Scott was able to have the chemo but oh so bad about the pain. And yes, you are right that if it gets very bad to ask for pain management treatment - even if that means being readmitted. Whilst we know it will go away again in about a week, that is a long time when it happens every third week!! Plus, you want him to feel well enough for his 'make a wish' trip.

Thinking of you all ,as always

Dawn said...

Just thinking of you all and hoping you can get Scott's pain under control one way or another. One thing's for sure - you'll do all that you possibly can.

I don't know when you're going on the 'make a wish' trip but it sounds like it's coming up soon. I really hope he's looking forward to it.

Please send him our love,

patrickfoy5 said...

Hey Scott, we are so glad that you get to make your Wish Trip to Orlando. You have been in our prayers and we hope that you hang in there and stay tuff!!
Your Friends
Patrick and Marie (from Carter)