Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Sunday, April 1, 2007

No more morphine

No more morphine was needed through the night. Very glad for that, as the stuff is way too addictive. Stephanie said he mumbled through the night off and on, and constantly was asking for hugs (Scott is a very "huggy" person normally, so that's not a bad thing). He's not complaining about his back at all this morning and is happily messing with the computer.

His methotrexate level has drop down to 1.4, so that progress is going well.

He asked several times during the day yesterday if the laptop had "that writing thing" on it. He was talking about Word and said he should start writing a story about himself everyday. So he may start making his own journal. Anyone know of any journal-writing software out there? It is not something he'd want on a place like this. Something he can keep for himself privately. At this point in time, writing a lot with pen or pencil is just not an option.

Hoping for a calmer day today for him.


christine said...

so sorry you've had such a rough time scott - hopefully on this visit the worst is over. Praying you get home quicker this time.

love and hugs

Carolyn said...

I am sorry this weekend is not going so well. Gracious, what a long, long road and so much unknown.

I did a little research on the journal thing. I kept coming across the same one that seemed suitable for kids. I am sending the link to your home email so let me know if you think it will work. If so, will order and have shipped direct to you.