Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Yellow be cursed!

Sometime just after midnight a nurse walked into Scott's room and removed the last Big Yellow Bag from Scott's iv pole and infusion pump. The last 3-litre bag of poison he is scheduled to have has been pumped into him, and now comes the last cycle of "clearing" the high-dose Methatrexate. Hopefully it doesn't take as long as the last two rounds, but even if it DOES take that long, it will be a point in his treatment we'll relish seeing pass. Hopefully after recovering from this round, he won't be beaten down so harshly with the rest of treatment. Not that any of the treatment is a cakewalk or easy by any means, but this stuff is bad.

Scott is in a decent mood this morning. He's flushed with red, splotchy cheeks (which is the norm during this cycle), but is eating quite a bit and has agreed to complete a required number of laps around the floor to persuade me to bring the Xbox to the hospital later this afternoon. It makes one feel bad to bargain with a kid pumped full of poison in this manner, but we just want him to clear as fast as possible and be home. Maybe he's got a bit of a psychological boost knowing the last of those bags are now in the biohazard trash can. Or he truly understands the other drugs (which will continue for the entire treatment course) just don't beat him down as much.

He has also now become a craver of fries from Checker's. I'm not sure if it is because he actually likes them, or because the place is directly across from the hospital, and the fries come back still too hot to eat at times. Either way, if it takes 10 orders to satisfy him per day, we'd rather see him eat a lot of anything than hardly nothing at all.

And for all the folks across the pond, the clan has grown by another number. My niece had a baby girl on Thursday. They named her Carolyn Isabella, which comes from both of the baby's GRANDmothers (had to capitalize that, as one's sister only becomes a Granny for the first time once). I don't know what that makes Carolyn Isabella to me, I guess she's my niece's daughter. Someone help me out here with the proper term.

Derry and I off to hospital soon. Scott is in room 232 this round. So if anyone calls the main hospital number, ask for that room.

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Grandmama said...

So glad this is the last of the big yellow bags.Hope things can get a little easier on you all mainly Scott.
As far the baby if this makes me a Great Grandmama it makes you a Great Uncle.
This was two wonderful things to happen this week.
Love to all Great Grandmama