Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Friday, April 13, 2007

Clinic Results

Scott made his clinic visit yesterday. He received his Elspar legs shots. His ANC has bottomed out (hopefully) at a whopping 91. Also had a low hemaglobin count, which results in us having to return to clinic Monday morning instead of holding off until next Thursday for his scheduled admission.

This is being done in order to check his blood again, and give him an necessary blood or platelets to help spike his ANC back up to the 750 minimum. If he's not at 750, the HD Methotrexate cannot be given, and he will not be admitted on next Thursday. On his last admission, he was in the low 100's and bounced back before admission morning, so we're hoping that happens over the next week. He certainly doesn't mind the Big Yellow Bag being delayed, but we just want to get through this last round on the high dosage cycles and on to a "regular" schedule.

Not that anything related to all of this is regular or normal.

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