Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Monday, April 30, 2007

Trying to get a routine.

Since coming home from the hospital, we've been trying to work on a routine. Something resembling a normal schedule. Scott has been feeling okay for the most part. He got sick once this weekend while trying to get some of his meds down. However, he is bored silly and aggravated when Derry gets to do things outside the house that he can't do.

Scott seems to have a bit of the sniffles right now, but has no fever. Having to keep a close watch on him (as always). From now until week 22, he is only scheduled for weekly clinic visits. Hopefully we can adhere to that schedule. While he is done with the highest dosage chemo, the other stuff is no walk in the park. The treatment can only be described as brutal to the body. There is nothing nice about it, or no parts of it that can truly be called "easy". "Easier than other parts", yes. But that is only a relative term.

Scott did have a surprise visit from Mr. Wallace at his school on Friday. Mr. Wallace is the school counselor at Scott's elementary school. He came around to visit and had a bag for Scott. Upon digging in the bag Scott pulled out a gift card from Toys-R-Us worth $500. Mr. Wallace had also been in contact with the store manager near our house. Scott has to contact the manager today and set up a day to visit the store either 1 hour before opening, or an hour after closing for his little spending spree. So Scott gets to have the store to himself to shop. We have no idea how that gift was funded, or who funded it, but it is a very generous offer on someone's part. It is also very generous of the store manager to accomodate Scott in that manner.

Hopefully this week will be a good week for him.


Carolyn said...

Wow, that is very special about the Toys R Us and Scott getting his own shopping spree. There are angels everywhere looking out for Scott and the entire family. It is truly incredible.

I know nothing is normal but anything close to a routine will probably help Scott at this point. He is one strong little man. We are proud of you all.


Grandmama said...

I know Scott was really happy abput the gift card. Let us know what he gets with it.

I know we have realized there is some really good people in this world.

We pray that you can find some way to have a half way normal routine.

Love You All
Mom [Grandmama]