Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Been quiet on here for a few days.

Not due to nothing happening, but I've not posted here for several days. Mainly because I felt it would be old posting:

Scott ate, then got sick. Then took medicine and got sick again. Then ate, felt bad for a couple hours and got sick again.

Since he got home last Thursday, yesterday was the only day he made it through without vomiting. The HD Methotrexate seems to have a lag effect in this manner, and it seems worse each round. Maybe due to the cumulative effect of each round. We don't know. He's not spiked a fever to this point, so at least there is no infection or bug causing his constant nausea.

He has a clinic visit tomorrow, which will include leg shots. He told me last night "those don't really bother me anymore". It will also include his normal rounds of IV-push chemo drugs. Hopefully no problems with any of that and he can have a somewhat decent week before his admission next Thursday (4/19) for the last miserable Big Yellow Bag.

We still can't get him out too much, but we did make a round of mini-golf the other day. He was fine through that, but was exhausted when we got home. About a 90-minute outing exhausted him. That's how beaten down he is from an energy aspect. He and I got out for a decent walk last night after the rain stopped. He did well with it, until we found some baby ducks stuck in a storm drain. Which made him say "we have to get them out". So we came back home, loaded up a bucket and tools, and scooped them out. Luckily the parent ducks (which seemed to be hanging around the storm drain earlier) flew back in the lake and gathered up the baby ducks, who swam right off behind them as if nothing had happened.

Wished someone could come scoop him out of his ordeal and it simply be gone. Sadly, the ducks ordeal had an easy remedy. All he is going through, and he just wanted to make sure the ducks weren't just doomed and stuck there.


Sandie said...

Beautiful boy. Tell him the world needs more Duck savers. :)

Rozie said...

Such a great yong man with a BIG Heart. He might be teaching you a few things David! Have a great visit tomorrow.

Kristy said...

What a he is with everything he's dealing with, and he wants to make sure the ducks are okay.

Good luck with the shots today, kiddo! And SO glad you only have one more bad yellow bag next Thursday. Jerry & I will be thinking and praying :)