Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Friday, April 20, 2007

Feel good, get beat down.

Treatment for this disease is brutal. Don't let anyone kid you about that.

For the last week (up through admission yesterday) Scott felt as good as he's felt since diagnosis. He as eating and had some energy. Yesterday morning after the bloodwork came back, we had to kill some time as there were no open rooms ready. We came by my office and went to the mall to get some lunch and stroll around. Everything is fine.

Then we get a call that his room is ready and head back off to hospital.

All went fine until about 7, when Scott was getting sick due to all the chemo pushed into his port, and steroid pills which he was gagging on. Then a two hour delay for the doc to write the order for IV steroids. He got sick 3 times in a very little time. Then got IV steroids and Ativan which thankfully knocked him out.

From great to crap in a matter of hours. Nothing nice about it. No fun at all.

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