Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Monday, February 12, 2007

Today's Clinic trip

The clinic trip today went very well. Scott did not need blood or platelets. This is quite remarkable, as they had told us to expect him to be washed out and very pale by yesterday, as his platelet count would be dropping very low.

Quite the opposite was found this morning, as his platelet level has risen from around 50 last week to 220+ today. That means his body is somehow making its own platelets, which is very positive.

He still is seriously in danger of infection due to a very low ANC and white blood count, but that is really the only worry at this time.

Just have to wait for Thursday now. Lots of work and chemo coming, and it will be the first doses of two types of chemo.

Keepin' our fingers crossed.


Grandmama said...

That is wonderful news.
And we are all crossing our fingers .And things go well .
Love Grandmama & Papa

Carolyn said...

Very good news! Scott, you are so brave. We are all pulling for you and will be thinking about you Thursday. Well, we actually think about you bunches EVERYDAY, but will especially be sending positive thoughts on Thursday.

Carolyn and Ken