Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Nothing out of whack

Scott's clinic visit today went well. When he arrived, the nurses thought he may need blood and/or platelets when they saw him. He was tired and looked washed out. But they drew his blood and found he actually needed nothing at all.

He still has a low ANC number, around 520, but other than that things are okay with his bloodwork.

He came home and slept most of the afternoon. They mentioned his body is working hard to fight, and is fighting very well. But it just takes its toll. He felt better and was in a much better mood after some sleep today.

He's dealing with those nasty little white sores you get in the mouth. Methotrexate causes them. They aren't too bad, but they did give him a script for some Lidocaine mouth rinse today. Hopefully that will help quite a bit.

He's cleared to wait until next Thursday for his next clinic visit, as long as he looks and feels fine until then. He has no chemo treatment other than the pill-form 6MP right now. The next IV chemo will be two weeks from today, when he's admitted to the hospital again for the Methotrexate.

He's doing great and is getting linked up to a lot of things via Melissa, the Ped Oncology social worker from the hospital. He's on the list now for a "Cancer Camp" someplace north of Orlando the last week of May. The folks there have Ped Oncologists and nurses on duty, and have the kids there for a week, and of course have all kids case information and medical contacts. He's also on the list for Richie's Rascals - this is a program that Brad Richards of the Lightning has, which is basically a suite he purchased at the arena giving all the tickets to cancer kids and their families for the night. Scott is quite excited about both of those propositions.

Stephanie is also got him listed with the American Cancer Society and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Both provide college grants and scholarships to kids who have the misfortune of the disease. She was also informed the L&L Society will provide us with the first $500 each year for anything related to his treatement.

You never realize just how many "good" people are really around and trying to help these kids without being smack in the middle of the fight. There are a lot of them. And that is nice to know right now.

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